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Step 4
Configure the Mailing List


W hen you clicked OK in the last step, LetterRip Pro opened the Mailing List setup window.



Once again, LetterRip Pro has set the default information for you, but let's fine tune it a bit.

Enter a name for the list.
The name of the list is what subscribers see when they receive mail from the list. For example, in this case if you enter "LetterRip Power", then subscribers will see:

From: LetterRip Power,

Next, we need to create a subscriber list to associate with this list. The subscriber list contains the names and email addresses for the subscribers.

Click the New Subscriber List button.
LetterRip Pro displays a window to name the list.

Click OK to create the subscriber list.

Although there are more features that we could assign to the mailing list, we've already done enough to get it running.

Click the Save button to save the mail list configuration.

Next, we start the server.