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Testimonials for LetterRip v1 and v2

Make sure to read the last testimonial. It's a bit long, but we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Macworld **** 4 Stars TidBITS Review
Macworld Gives LetterRip Pro Four Mice!
Read the LetterRip Review in TidBITS

"We have a subscriber base of over 13,000 spread over 5 different daily/weekly mailings. Dave Letterman's Top10, joke lists, etc. We've been using the archaic ListStar to accomplish this task for the last year or so.

ListStar SmishStar... LetterRip is the real deal. I spent way too much time doing administrative tasks and running after ListStar to make it happy.

LetterRip is the ultimate Mac mailing list server: easy to set up (I had a mailing out in 5 minutes); easy to administer (Emailer-like interface); and easy to maintain. Yet, it compromises nothing in the area of power and speed. Fastest thing I've ever seen on the Mac.

LetterRip is handling subscriptions from the web site as well!

Some really nice things:
(If you've ever used anything else, you'll understand this part.)

Importing over 13,000 addresses from ListStar was not only easy, it was fun -- not one error, not one problem, nothing! I chose Import from the File menu and it not only recognized the file as a ListStar file, it imported it without me having to tell it a thing!
Errors in the log are in what I affectionately term as English!
Let's just say the manual is in the same language (easy reading let me tell you).
It's been running flawlessly for a week -- no freezes, no crashes, no nothing -- just list serving like it's supposed to. All my subscribers are getting their mail and all is well.
No more worrying about whether or not the stupid pref's file is damaged!

The tech support at Fog City is top notch. Every email was answered immediately and every phone call returned -- quickly -- and I hadn't even paid yet! (Check's in the mail).

Don't buy anything else, you'll regret it."

Ray Srour
Mercury Communications Group, Inc.


"LetterRip is what a Mac-based internet server should be.

I had four large mailing lists up and running in the time it would take me to send one command to a majordomo listserver."

Chris Barrus
Network Administrator
MacTech Magazine


"I highly recommend it.

We used to use ListStar by StarNine for all of our List Server needs. After switching to LetterRip we suddenly spent less time administrating our list servers, actually, we now spend no time worrying about our servers. The only time they are down, is when we upgrade to new versions. Not a bad use for an old Mac IIci with only 8mb of RAM!"

Michael Ginsberg


"Great server!

I set up a test list in about 2 minutes, with just a bit of Balloon Help. Awesome work!"

Shawn Collins


"I think the product is great."

Dan Frakes


"LetterRip is too cool!"

Devon Hubbard
Onyx Technologies


"It is super fast. Real fast.

Imagine the satisfaction I get from having trouble free operation on my Mac CX (with a Daystar 040 board), 8 megs of RAM, and the original Apple Quantum slow-as-flowing-glass 80 meg hard drive.

I think that the pre-powerPC Macs are MORE than capable of running LetterRip servers. Besides, since nobody would want to use them, they are usually free to do nothing but run the server.

I guesstimate that my combined list traffic must be about 1750 messages a day outbound, over my link (which is a lowly 28.8 modem). I have not had to bugger with my lists ONCE since I installed LetterRip the day the beta was released. I spent at least an hour a night fiddling with Macjordomo before this."

Andrew Diller


"I had nothing but headaches with ListStar, but I have been very satisfied with LetterRip."

Wayne Brissette
Apple Computer, Inc.


"Remote Administration is a DREAM."

Steve Riggins


"It's a well thought out, bug-free package"

James Smallacombe


"The response time is really, really kickass!

This really is VERY cool software and I am enjoying it a LOT"

Jon Stevens
ClearInk WebMagus


"Love remote admin feature!

Great to use! Easy, and fully featured. One of the cleanest implementations I've seen."

Josh Baer
SkyList Mailing List Hosting


"We've been using LetterRip for a few months. We run 7 or 8 lists, a few get quite a bit of traffic. Our largest list has around 400 list subscribers and 1,000 digest subscribers, and gets around 100+ messages per day.

We run LetterRip on a Centris 610, and it does real well. Performance is incredible, even considering that we're running a dual-channel ISDN line."

Rich Gay
Foresight Technology, Inc.


"Every aspect makes it easy to administer! The remote administration is great! I was using majordomo on a Unix machine before, and that was such a nightmare... It didn't work, and I ended up having to modify a bunch of perl scripts to get it working, and I could never really figure out what it was doing..."

Dan Crevier


"I want to say I think LetterRip is fantastic!!

I'm managing even more lists now because its so much fun! I've used Emailer and Macjordomo to run mailing lists for years. I've considered using ListStar because it seemed to have nice features. But I've heard nothing but horror stories about getting lists going on ListStar. LetterRip is truly a special gift in this season."

Tim Davis


"Software product of the year!

The programmers have done a very fine job. The web pages, documentation, and program are very 'crisp' looking with attention paid to detail. This is not a spare-time project like Macjordomo and others. It's very professional and sets a standard for ListServ quality in many regards.

LetterRip processed a 475-member mailing list message in just under 6 minutes, and it WASN'T using the pass-through mail host like Macjordomo (BCC or RCPT-TO) -- it was sending each *full* message. LetterRip used (supposedly, if I believe the config) 10 outbound SMTP connections simultaneously, and my 28k line wasn't nearly saturated -- I would try 20 next time.

I want to thank you guys for making this product available ... the day before yesterday I spent HOURS trying to get the new ListStar upgrade working ... the next day your public beta became available and I was able to get all my lists moved over and was up and running in an hour! ... Software product of the year I say ... anyone care to second the nomination?"

Mark Dincecco
Webmaster U.S. EPA


"The winner is -- LetterRip!

I installed all my lists into LetterRip this afternoon. It took me about 6 hours to read the manual, import 4 address lists from ListStar, write custom responses, error check every list, run demos, and send out an announcement to each list of the new service. And I had time to have dinner with my wife!

In contrast, it took me 10 hours solid just to try upgrading from ListStar 1.0 to 1.1 and the new version lost all my rules after each quit, and I had to reinstall them multiple times.

LetterRip is heaven! Your team has done a miraculous job. I haven't seen anything this good since I first set eyes on Excel in 1984.

Here are some stats:

It took me 2 seconds to import 804 addresses from a ListStar file (without one error)!
It took me roughly 2 minutes to create a new list , including digests, modification, and the default response files. (The custom response files were more time consuming to compose, but that is not the program's fault, naturally.)
I witnessed my initial message to 804 subscribers leave by separate SMTP connects at an average of 57 messages a minute! It took 14 minutes to deliver all 804 messages over a dedicated ISDN 128 kbps line. This included all error code management and log updating by LetterRip. (My CPU is a PowerTower Pro 180 with the stock hardware and 32 megs RAM).
Not one SMTP error code was reported in a cryptic manner (i.e Error -23042). Every error was reported with an English explanation that I could understand.
When I received the (scheduled) bounce files at the administrator address, it was extremely easy to locate all the bad addresses. On my first attempt, I pulled over 30 dead address from the subscription list in 10 minutes. LetterRip has the fastest "Find" of any listserv software making list management a breeze!
Not a single Mac error has occurred at any time. Not one. No freeze, bombs, type 11, nothing (but peace).
I set up a moderated list in the same time as a non-moderated. In ListStar, I spent a whole day trying to do this but could never got the rules to process a moderated list properly. Success the first time in LetterRip.
At no time does LetterRip appear to slow down other work I am doing on the same CPU. Although it is not recommended to use the CPU for other work, the list machine is the only PPC on my net, so I am hooked on it. Just the same, the server cranked out the mail without slowing down anything else I could see, not even the blinking cursor at idle time. Wow! AIMS hogs the whole CPU and you can't even pull down a menu while it is looping. Same for AutoShare.
The manual is so clear and concise that I found the only lookup I needed in one step.

As I mentioned, the organization and clarity of this product (and its GUI interface) cannot be topped. Set up is child's play with the Administrator GUI you have developed. The client/server architecture is wonderful. I can quit the Administrator while I do other work and the mail goes out in the background.

I must compliment Fog City on the organization and priorities in this product. As far as I know, it is the only SMTP Mac server that combines the important features of:

Sorting queued mail by domains, opening one TCP for multiple messages to the same domain
Keeping only a single copy of a list message on the HD
Allowing the list administrator to stop serving, open a queued file and either modify or delete the file and restart processing. Great for catching errors or bogus mail that sneaks through
Lightening fast "Find" to locate addresses
Swift and painlessly importing/exporting other lists
Remote admin via TCP/IP anywhere on the net
Flawless GUI interface
A clear and straight-forward logging system
Easy Digest list setup
Easy Moderated list setup
Auto Suppression of mailer daemon and vacation messages
Excellent suppression of command messages that shouldn't get posted
Daily summaries of bounces that are organized and easy to use for maintenance

What else can I say? LetterRip is everything you say it is, and more. As I see it, nothing is going to top LetterRip!

I hope Fog City makes a splash with this product. I trashed ListStar tonight, with no regrets. Good riddance! Give your crew a pat on the back from me!"

Mark M. Levinson, M.D.
The Heart Surgery Forum

Review of Previous Version

Macworld **** 4 Stars
Macworld Gave LetterRip v1 Four Stars! (8.8 out of 10)