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Utilities for Emailer v2

This section contains utilities that work with Emailer 2.0. Don't forget to check the Utilities page . Most files there work with both v1 and v2.

These products are not supported by Fog City Software or Apple. Some of the files available for download on this page may be shareware. Please support shareware by registering and paying your shareware fees.

Mercutio Updater 1.0.2
Download this file (47k)

Emailer 2.0 uses a product called Mercutio to draw its menus. There are reports of cosmetic problems when using older versions of Mercutio with Mac OS 8.5. This package (written in AppleScript) updates Emailer and other products to use the latest version of Mercutio (v1.5.2). Written by Luke Hamburg.

Show HTML - Emailer 1.3
Download this file (21k)

This Script will take one or several Emailer messages and display them in Netscape Communicator or any Web browser. Any HTML commands in the message will then format the message in the sender's intended format. Written by Wesley Ray Hall.

Email Files
Download this file (110k)

This is a modification of Dan Crevier's FileMaker Pro layouts. The layouts have a Emailer v2 look, combined with the OS8 theme (you need the Espi Sans and Charcoal fonts). There are navigation buttons as well as a help screen. Furthermore, you can sort on any field and search on any field contents. You also need the ProFont font. Created by Gerrit Vanoppen, with the approval of Dan Crevier and David Cortright.

Unwrap Message 1.1
Download this file (12k)

An Unwrap AppleScript for use with Emailer v2.x that will work on either an incoming or outgoing message in Emailer. Leaves quoted lines (beginning with ">") alone. Requires OS 8.0 or higher. Written by Allen Watson.

Show Me The Mail Extras
Download this file (13k)

A few supporting AppleScripts for Dan Creiver's "Show Me The Mail" application. Written by Jim McCarthy.

Emailer-Organizer Script 1.0.1
Download this file (22k)

These scripts require Emailer 2.0v3 or later, and Claris Organizer 2.0. They are meant to synchronize the email addresses in Organizer from Emailer's address book. The entries are in no way timestamped, so there's no good way to do a two way synchronization. Written by Dan Crevier.

Emailer Folder Icons
Download this file (6k)

The two ResEdit files contained in this archive update the folders in Emailer 2.0 to the new OS 8 folder appearance. There are the new Blue and the older Grey (for the nostalgic). From Bruce Gerson.

Digests 3.3
Download this file (67k)

The Forwarding scripts will now only forward selected text, if any is selected. AppleScripts that do the following:

  • Forward -- Construct an outgoing message forwarding one or more other messages, following the standard rfc934 digest format. Includes only "interesting" headers.
  • Forward all headers -- Like Forward, but includes all headers.
  • Extract rfc -- Extract the messages contained in a proper rfc934 or rfc1153 digest or forwarded message.
  • Extract LetterRip -- Extract the messages contained in a LetterRip digest.
  • Extract heuristic -- Try to extract the messages contained in a digest that does not follow rfc934, rfc1153 or LetterRip (e.g. a MIME digest).

Written by R. Shapiro.

Download this file (10k)

This script strips out quote prefixes from selected text in both incoming and outgoing messages. Written by Eric Scheid.

Resend Messages
Download this file (5k)

Resend Messages facilitates easier resending of messages. If the front window is an outgoing message, it marks all recipients as unsent, but does not save the change (this allows cancelling). If the front window is a browser window, it repeats through the selection marking all recipients of outgoing messages as unsent. Written by Eric Scheid. Based on Resend Message by Dan Crevier.

Age Logs

Download this file (11k)

A script for aging items in the Logs folder. The script does the following:

  • deletes logs containing all deleted messages
  • deletes logs older than a user-specified number of days
  • changes priority on un-deleted logs based on relative number of days

For example:

  • today - 1 day (yesterday) assigned priority 2
  • today - 2 days assigned priority 3
  • today - 3 days assigned priority 4

Written by Brian Caldwell.

Emailer Custom Settings

Download this file (4k)

This is a resource file that you can use to tweak some behaviors of Emailer to suit your personal preferences. These settings were thought to be too specialized or obscure to put into the Emailer preferences dialog box. It's safe to say that making changes to Emailer is not encouraged by Apple.

This version now comes with better default settings: Use Email Address as Mail From is turned on and the Internet Timeout Value has been increased. Also, a new setting has been added for future compatability. From David Cortright.

Handle VCF Enclosures
Download this file (8k)

Handle vcf enclosures is an AppleScript and Mail Action for handling those pesky vcard.vcf enclosures from Mozilla (i.e. Netscape) mailers. If a Mozilla-generated message has attached .vcf enclosures, it appends the contents of those enclosures to the end of the message body, and moves the .vcf file(s) to the trash. The script requires ACME technologies excellent ACME Script Widgets . Written by Andy Uzick.

Emailer Archive 3.0
Download this if you do have FileMaker (322k)
Download this if you don't have FileMaker (stand alone) (2.2MB)

Emailer Archive allows you to save old messages that you no longer need but want to keep in case you need them later. For example, you could archive all messages that relate to a specific project that has been completed. You can also save current messages to perform complex searches and sorts on them.

There are two versions of the installer. The normal version requires a copy of Claris FileMaker Pro 3.0 or later, while the stand alone version will work by itself. Both versions require Emailer 2.0 and AppleScript. Written by Dan Crevier and David Cortright.

Emailer Custom Mail Headers
Download this file (2k) Click Here To Read

It is possible to include custom headers in the messages that you send from Emailer. There are many reasons why one might want to do this. If you currently don't know why, then you most likely do not need to do this... Written by David Cortright.

Text 3.4
Download this file (36k)

AppleScripts that do the following:

  • BBEdit->Emailer -- Replace the contents of an Emailer message with the contents of a BBEdit window. Requires BBEdit Pro.
  • TexEdit->Emailer -- As above, but using TexEdit Plus.
  • Emailer->BBEdit -- Open a BBEdit window on the contents of an Emailer message. Requires BBEdit Pro.
  • Emailer->TexEdit -- As above, but using TexEdit Plus.
  • Count Words -- Report the number of lines, words, and characters in the selected text.
  • Unwrap -- Remove carriage returns, other than paragraph boundaries, from text in an outgoing message.
  • Decrement Quote Level -- Remove one level of ">" from text in an outgoing message.
  • Remove Excess Quotes -- Remove quoted lines from the text in an outgoing message, when the quote level is greater than 1.

Written by R, Shapiro.

Redirect to Highlighted
Download this file (7k)

A script that allows you to highlight any email address in any incoming message and have that full message be redirected to that highlighted email address. This is useful to anyone that wants to redirect copies of email to an email address that is included in the same email message - primarily suiting accounts that receive forwarded mail. Written by Matt Petrowsky.

08+ trim content
Download this file (7k)

An Emailer AppleScript which sets the incoming message content to be just the selected text. This is great for trimming an enormously long message down to just the bit you want. Written by Eric Scheid.

Emailer Spam Filter
Download this file (30k)

A package that contains a mail action template and detailed instructions for setting up spam filtering in Emailer. Also includes the No More Spam AppleScript with slight enhancements for those who want to try to do something about the spam. Written by David Cortright.

Encode DK Letters
Download this file (2k)

A modified version of the ROT 13 Encode/Decode AppleScript to strip the special Danish letters and replace them with two letter equivalents:

-> AE
-> OE
-> AA
-> ae
-> oe
-> aa

The script will encode any selected text. The original script was by Andrew Feigenson. Written by Johannes V. Djerns.

Fix AOL Headers 1.1
Download this file (13k)

Places AOL headers into the standard Emailer format, and also fixes the displayed sender information if AOL has munged them. (As long as the headers include a "from:" header.) Written by David A. Dean.

Zoomers 2.0
Download this file (9k)

These scripts now also work on the Browser window. The first (Zoom) closes the address and enclosures panes of an incoming message window and zooms it to full size. This makes it easier to read longer messages such as mailing list digests. The second (Zoom and Strip) does the same job but also moves any enclosures to the Trash. By Stephen Withers.

ROT 13 Encode 1.0.1
Download this file (8k)

This will encode or decode any selected text into a format called ROT 13. Although not very commonly used, this encoding method is a quick and easy way to scramble messages and avoid those over-the-shoulder email snoopers.

Version 1.0.1 has no functional changes but has been recompiled for compatibility with System 8. By Andrew Feigenson.

Export - Senders
Download this file (16k)

Export - Senders creates a text file with the names and email addresses of the senders of messages in Emailer. The file can be imported into LetterRip. This is useful if you have collected messages from people and want to add their email addresses to a subscriber list. Of course the email addresses could be imported into other programs as well. Written by Will Mayall.

SPAM Mail Action
Download this file (1k)

Joe says: This mail action is one that I use (and update from time to time as something slips by it) that basically looks at the SUBJECT of the email to determine if the email is spam. If it determines an email to be spam, it labels it accordingly. It is correct 99% of the time. I rarely have to "save" an email message that it thinks is spam but really is not. Note that Mail Actions are installed by dragging the file from the Finder to the list of Mail Actions. Written by Joe Zobkiw.

Email Messages
Download this file (13k)

This is a modification of Dan Crevier's FileMaker Pro layouts. It has the gray look of Aaron and MacOS 8. There are also some navigation buttons. It uses the font Verdana Bold (Microsoft) for the buttons and labels, and the font ProFont for the fields text. You can find these fonts easily on the Internet. Both fonts are Freeware. ProFont Distribution 2.1 is at the Barebones ftp site . Verdana can be found at the Microsoft Typography Web site or directly via ftp . By Roelof van Rosmalen.

Emailer mailto [email protected]
Download this file (21k)

'Emailer mailto [email protected]' makes privacy convenient, using AppleScript to combine the power of Aladdin's DropStuff(tm), Phil Zimmermann's MacPGP public key encryption software and Emailer. If you would like to privately email several files to [email protected], simply drag them to this droplet. The droplet will stuff the files, encrypt the '.sit' file and instruct your email client software to create new mail with the encrypted file attached. Written by Tom Bernard.

Compuserve 2 Export Utilities 1.0.1
Download this file (27k)

This package contains two utilities for Compuserve bound EMailer users. The first is CISExport, an application to export the Address Book from Compuserve Information Manager 2.x.x to a tab delimited file. EMailer has an import feature but it seems to get confused about groups, using an intermediate file solves the problem (almost). The second is an Applescript which imports Compuserve mail files on bulk to EMailer. Written by Caerwyn Pearce (with pieces of script purloined from Monsieur Shapiro).

Address Book Switching
Download this file (12k)

One of the most requested features in Emailer is having multiple address books. Here is an AppleScript solution to change the Address Books in Emailer. Written by Jimmy Jones.

Mass Reply
Download this file (5k)

This script will make a new message addressed to all the senders of the currently selected messages in the browser. This can be useful for generating one "thank you letter" which can be BCC'd to all the recipients. Written by Eric Scheid.

PGP 5.0 Freeware
Go to PGP Freeware

PGP 5.0 Freeware is now available for Macintosh, seamlessly integrating with Emailer 2.0.

Show Me The Mail 1.0
Download this file (125k)

Show Me The Mail (SMTM) is an application for displaying messages when mail is received by Emailer 2.0, Eudora 2.1+, or LetterRip. The messages float above other windows, so they are always visible. They show who the message is from, and what the subject is. SMTM is shareware, and the registration fee is $10. Written by Dan Crevier.

Emailer Glue for Frontier & EmailerExtras v1.0a4
Download this file (97k)
More information

Here's the glue necessary to use Emailer 2.0 with Frontier . Also features a few example scripts and a shared menu, which is powered by the EmailerExtras suite (included). This replaces the previous Frontier glue and the previous EmailerExtras. New in version 1.0a4 of the EmailerExtras suite: A totally rewritten redirect command that should actually work. From Andre Radke, partly based on work done by Dan Crevier and others.

Miscellaneous 3.1
Download this file (7k)

AppleScript that does the following:

  • Reply using From -- Construct a reply using the From address even if a Reply-To is present.

Written by R. Shapiro.

Import/Export 3.1
Download this file (43k)

AppleScripts that do the following:

  • Import - Eudora -- Import the messages in a Eudora mailbox into the currently selected Emailer folder. Works on both incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Export - Eudora -- Export one or more messages as a Eudora-compatible mailbox. Works on incoming and outgoing, pop and non-pop, messages.
  • Import - Digest -- Import messages from a file in rfc934 or rfc1153 format into the currently selected Emailer folder.
  • Import - Digest hueristic -- Try to import messages from a file in some other format (eg MIME) into the currently selected Emailer folder.
  • Export - Digest -- Export one or more messages as an rfc-934 file.
  • Import - NewsWatcher File -- Import articles saved from NewsWatcher into the currently selected Emailer folder.

Written by R. Shapiro.

Text - Clean message
Download this file (25k)

And the hits keep coming... This is a configurable script for cleaning up messages in Emailer 2. It can optionally:

  • Clean subjects
  • Reform paragraphs
  • Fix URLs
  • Remove the forwarding header
  • Remove extra spaces
  • Remove quoting
  • Decode quoted-printable
  • Convert tabs to spaces

These options can be turned on and and off in the script. Written by Dan Crevier.

Utility - Redirect to...
Download this file (25k)

This script redirects Emailer 2.0 messages to another user, so that it looks like it came from the original sender. If you don't know why you'd want to do this, you probably don't want to do this. The redirect script uses NetEvents. Click here for the latest NetEvents. Written by Dan Crevier and David Cortright.

More Emailer Scripts
Download this file (25k)

More scripts from the master:

  • Text - Insert Netscape URL -- Inserts the URL of the front window of Netscape into an outgoing message window.
  • Import - Grab YANW Article -- Grabs the current article window from Yet Another NewsWatcher 2.4.0 or higher and creates a new incoming message from it.
  • Text - Glossary Generator -- Generates scripts for inserting commonly typed text.
  • Utility - Generate Template -- This one is similar to the glossary generator, but it makes scripts to recreate entire outgoing messages, including recipients, files, and window properties.

Written by Dan Crevier.

Dave's Essential Scripts
Download this file (133k)

The following AppleScripts:

  • Mark as Read Unread -- Changes the message status of all selected incoming messages to "read" or "unread", depending on the original status. This also works on unread messages in the Deleted Mail folder, and open messages.
  • Mark as Replied/Not -- Changes the message status of all selected incoming messages to either "read" or "replied to", depending on the original status.
  • Mark as Queued/Draft -- Changes the status of an unsent outgoing message to either "queued" or "draft", depending on the original status.
  • Mark as Sent/Unsent -- Changes the status of all recipients in all selected outgoing messages to either "sent" or "scheduled", depending on the original status.
  • Toggle Schedules -- Turns schedules on and off.
  • -Separator -- This is a hack to create a menu separator in the AppleScripts menu. It relies on the fact that any file that starts with the character"-" will be interpreted by the MacOS to be a separator.
  • Bulk Forward -- Forwards all selected messages to a single address. Now includes support for forwarding enclosures.
  • Change Recipient Type -- Changes all unsent recipients in an outgoing message to the selected recipient type.
  • Empty the Deleted Mail folder -- Permanently deletes all messages in the Deleted Mail folder (duplicates Cmd-A, Cmd-D).
  • Resend a Copy -- Resends a previously sent message by creating a new copy, thus keeping the original message in tact. Now duplicates the signature and enclosures of the original message.
  • Save Messages as Text... -- Saves the selected messages as Finder text files in the specified folder. You can specify which application in which to open these files by changing theCreatorType property.
  • Save Selection as Text... -- Saves the selected text into a new text file. You can also save the message headers by modifying the script.
  • Shred Messages -- Permanently deletes the selected messages and moves their enclosures to the Finder's trash.
  • Strip Enclosures -- Moves the enclosures of the selected messages to the Finder's trash.

(Scripts that start with <> (a diamond) should be used in conjunction with mail actions or new mail notification; they are not meant to be run manually.)

  • <>Delete and Mark as Read -- Use in conjunction with a mail action that filters out junk mail and spam.
  • <>New Unread Mail in the In Box -- Plays a sound when there is new unread mail in the In Box. Use this script in place of the standard audio notification so that you are only notified for new messages in the In Box, and not for messages that are auto-filed into folders (such as mailing lists).

Written by David Cortright.

No More Spam
Download this file (14k)

Script and mail action suggestions for dealing with unsolicited email. Written by David Cortright.

QuickMail Import
Download this file (40k)

Allows users upgrading from QuickMail to Emailer a way to import their archived messages. Now includes better error handling. Written by David Cortright.

Clean Forwards Scripts
Download this file (19k)

This is a set of scripts that are useful for cleaning up messages (such as jokes) that you forward. It cleans up the subject line, removing extraneous Fw:, (fwd), etc. and removes leading spaces and >'s from each line. One version reforms paragraphs while the other doesn't. Written by Dan Crevier.

Spam Domains 1.2
Download this file (20k)

This a mail action file for use with Emailer 2. It does a "from contains" check on incoming mail. Any mail matching one of the, approximately 1,000 listed spamming domains is filed in the Deleted Mail folder. This version is smaller and faster. Note: No spam filter is perfect -- spammers can get around filters and a filter may stop some valid email. From Al Byrne.

Dan's Sample Scripts
Download this file (69k)

These are the definitive AppleScripts for Emailer 2.0. This is a must download. Includes:

  • Add Finder Selection -- Adds the files selected in the finder as enclosures to the current message
  • DB Stats -- Tells you how many folders and messages there are in your mail database
  • Decode QP Message -- Decodes an improperly labeled quoted-printable message
  • eNot AppleScript - -A sample of how to use the Mail Agent protocol with AppleScript to get a notification of all of the new messages as they arrive
  • Export Selected Messages -- Saves all of the selected messages into a unix mailbox format file
  • File replies with originals -- Moves replies to selected messages to the same folder as the originals
  • Finger Sender -- Finger's the sender of the message using the Internet Config Finger helper
  • Import unix/Eudora inbox -- Imports an inbox in Eudora/unix format
  • Import unix/Eudora outbox -- Imports an outbox in Eudora/unix format
  • Insert Explorer URL -- Inserts a URL in a message to the current page in Internet Explorer
  • Japanese scripts -- A couple of scripts for working with Japanese incoming messages
  • Print selected messages -- Prints all of the selected messages
  • Resend message -- Resends the current outgoing message
  • Reveal reply -- Opens the reply to the current message
  • Save bookmark sample -- An example of the save bookmark event
  • Set font to geneva -- Sets the font of the current message to Geneva
  • Set font to monaco -- Sets the font of the current message to Monaco
  • Toggle read status -- Toggles the read status of the selected messages
  • Toggle replied to -- Toggles whether or not a message has been replied to
  • Toggle schedules -- Toggles whether or not schedules are enabled

To use the decode quoted-printable AppleScript, you will also need to download the "Decode QP" AppleScript Addition. Written by Dan Crevier.

Dan's FileMaker Scripts 2.0.3
Download this file (51k)

This kit allows you to convert email from Emailer 2.0 to a FileMaker Pro 3.0 database, and back. It uses the same database as Dan's Email FileMaker Database 1.0, and can convert messages from that database into Emailer 2.0. To use this kit, you need FileMaker Pro 3.0, Emailer 2.0 and AppleScript or Frontier. Scripts for the following are included:

  • Convert email from the database into Emailer. This is useful if you used to keep your mail in a FileMaker database, but now want to keep it all in Emailer
  • A script to convert the open message, or selected messages in the browser, into FileMaker
  • A script to run as a mail action to convert the messages into FileMaker

Written by Dan Crevier.

Extract From Digest
Download this file (15k)

This script extracts the selected message from a digest so that you can reply to it. Written by P. T. Withington.

PageMe w NewMail
Download this file (9k)

Developed to resend e-mail from Emailer to an alphanumeric paging network utilizing exMachina's Notify! for the Macintosh. There are two required pieces:

  • exMachina's Notify! must be installed on the same computer as the AppleScript.
  • The name of your paging account in Notify! must be the same as the name you assigned the account in Emailer.

From Jim Geldermann.

Shutdown Script
Download this file (12k)

A script for checking for scheduled but unsent messages when quitting Emailer. Written by David Cortright.

Emailer for Multiuser
Download this file (10k)

Here's a script for using Emailer on multi-user computers. Rather than waste disk space with multiple applications, this script will move the Emailer application into the current folder and then run it. Written by David Cortright.

MassEmail 1.0
Download this file (330k)

MassEmail is an application that draws upon the power of AppleScript, FileMaker, and Emailer to create a versatile bulk Email program. In order to use MassEmail you need:

  • Claris FileMaker Pro 3.0
  • Emailer 2.0
  • 7.5 or better
  • AppleScript 1.1 or later

MassEmail is shareware. This means that you may try the program for free for 30 days. If after that time you wish to keep it you must register. Written by James Teters.

MacPGP Control 1.0
Download this file (2MB)

MacPGP Control (or MPGPC for short) is an AppleScript application that offers an easy-to-use, more Macintosh friendly user interface to Philip Zimmermann's PGP software -- MacPGP. Written by Raf S. Naffah.

Dave's Icons With Text
Download this file (14k)

Here are some replacement icons for the Emailer v2 toolbar. Each icon has text with it. Created by David Cortright.

Erik's AppleScripts
Go To The Site

More AppleScripts! Written by Erik C. Thauvin.

Will's AppleScripts
Download this file (31k)

Some AppleScripts for use from the AppleScript menu. Includes:

  • Change Subject -- Change message subjects
  • Permanently Delete Messages -- Permanently delete messages
  • Replace Subject -- Replace text in subjects
  • Unsubscribe -- Unsubscribe from mailing lists

Also includes AppleScripts to be run independently:

  • Set Print Font -- Change the printer font and size
  • Convert From Emailer 1.0 -- Force Emailer 2.0 to convert 1.0 folders.

Written by Will Mayall.