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Utilities for Emailer v1 & v2

This section contains utilities that work with Emailer. Most of these utilities work with either Emailer v1 or v2.

These products are not supported by Fog City Software or Apple. Some of the files available for download on this page are shareware. Please support shareware by registering and paying your shareware fees.

Newer Stuff

AOL GlobalNet CCL
Download this file (7k)

These CCL files are not supported by AOL, Fog City Software, or Apple. The files have not been tested. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way... If you need to connect to AOL via the AOL GlobalNet network, you can try using these files. A newer enclosed file is said to work better than the original file.

Email Effects

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Email Effects is a popular graphics package for email. It allows the creation of artistic text messages using familiar painting-style tools. One click creates a new outgoing message in Emailer v1 or v2 with the created drawing. By Sig Software .

Email Merge
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Email Merge is a simple and intuitive program for creating mailings of individualised eMail messages. It takes a database of information, and an eMail message, and merges the two to create customised eMail messages in Emailer v1 or v2, very quickly. By Sig Software .

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NotifyMail is a Macintosh system extension for use with Apple Internet Mail Server (AIMS) which listens for a finger request. When it receives one, it sends an AppleEvent to Emailer to check the user's mail. It can also be configured to run any application upon notification, and has an optional mail indicator/counter. It requires System 7.0 or later and MacTCP 1.1 or later, and is shareware. NotifyMail now works with LetterRip v2. Written by Scott Gruby.

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Mail merge has been a key feature in word processing applications for years because it makes form letters and other documents appear more personal. Now, OutBox applies the same concept to email. With OutBox's powerful email merge features, you can create a single email, address it to a group of people, and have OutBox automatically personalize the message for each person. In addition, powerful 'Merge Actions' let you send customized email based on an individual's personal information. For example, you could send customized email based on a person's computer platform, job title, marital status, political party, zip code, and more.

OutBox works in conjunction with Emailer or Eudora to send your email. Customized email generated by OutBox is "loaded" into one of these two popular email programs and sent the next time you send email. From Spinfree.

Gather 1.1.1
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Gather scans files for email addresses. The resulting file can be imported into LetterRip or Emailer. This version adds these features:

  • Reads Emailer v1 in box files
  • Reads Emailer v2 mailbox files
  • You can add file types for it to read
  • Reads any size file

Gather is now only available as part of the LetterRip installation. Written by Will Mayall.

Internet & Email Scripts 1.1
Download this file (36k)

Five AppleScripts for OT/PPP and Emailer. The scripts have been extensively tested with Emailer 1.1v3 through 2.0.

  • OT/PPP Connect
  • OT/PPP Disconnect
  • OT/PPP Emailer Scheduled Task
  • OT/PPP Emailer Get & Send Mail
  • OT/PPP Eudora Get & Send Mail

The last 3 scripts are different from most similar scripts in that when they finish, they restore the PPP connect/disconnect status that existed before they were run. They do not, therefore arbitrarily abort a background PPP process like downloading, but they will disconnect if PPP is not otherwise in use.

The Read-Me file also has lots of useful information about setting up Emailer Schedules, and about the Script Editor. Written by W. John Carlsen.

Black Night Connection Set 1.0.3
Download this file (270k)

These are Macintosh Communications Toolbox tools. They are elegantly designed and work well. There is a modem tool, a Telnet tool (for Internet access), and a serial tool. The modem tool is especially interesting as it automatically configures your modem and has capabilities beyond those of the Apple Modem Tool. The Telnet tool might be of special interest to people who want to use Emailer to access CompuServe via the Internet. These tools are reasonably priced shareware. If you use them, please pay the author. Written by Christopher Swan.

MacPGP Control 1.0
Download this file (2MB)

MacPGP Control (or MPGPC for short) is an AppleScript application that offers an easy-to-use, more Macintosh friendly user interface to Philip Zimmermann's PGP software -- MacPGP. Written by Raïf S. Naffah.

MailConverter 2.2.4
Download this file (236k)

MailConverter is a utility which converts disparate mail and mail-like formats into sendmail format, suitable for use with Eudora or Z-Mail. MailConverter can be used in conjunction with Eumorpha to import all supported email formats into Emailer. It also bursts digests and imports a few kinds of nickname files. It can now process filed Emailer messages. Here is the read me for use with Emailer. Written by Richard Shapiro.

Check Emailer
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Check Emailer is a freeware AppleScript applet. If you use Emailer via PPP, Check Emailer automates sending and receiving email for your TCP-accessible accounts. Check Emailer works with MacPPP, FreePPP and now OpenTransport/PPP. Written by Jonathan Rentzsch.

Eumorpha 1.5.4
Download this file (109k)

Eumorpha is an elegant utility which converts Eudora (or equivalent) mailbox files into Emailer. It can also burst some digest formats. Written by Richard Shapiro.

Check The Mail-OT PPP 1.0
Download this file (8k)

This simple script establishes an OT/PPP connection, checks for new mail, sends queued mail, and finally shuts down the connection. Written by Tom Stovall.

OT/PPP Mail Checker
Download this file (98k)

Here is an AppleScript to connect to an ISP with OT/PPP, check your mail with Emailer, disconnect from your ISP and quit Emailer. Instructions are included for modifying the script in DocMaker format. Written by Carver Tangeman.

Example Procedures for 4D

Download this file (5k)

Example 4th Dimension procedures for use with 1.0v2 or later. Requires System 7 Pack from ISIS International . Special thanks to Mike Cohen for writing the code to send files.

Download this file (12k)

Here is a simple way to enable your existing Filemaker system to send email with Emailer. With the Filemaker file "Emailgateway" and an AppleScript applet "FM Record to [email protected] Outbox" you have the glue needed to send messages from existing Filemaker databases. This was created to do things like an email-merge -- send a customized message for each record in a filemaker database (this will require some Filemaker scripting on your end).

Forman's Scripts
Download this file (40k)

A group of AppleScripts that work with Emailer. It's a small download, why not check them out? Written by Josh Forman.

Internet Config 1.3

Download this file (164k)

Internet Config (IC) is a freeware utility which makes life a whole lot easier by storing your Internet account information and preferences in one place so that many applications can access it. More and more Internet applications are supporting IC, including Emailer, which has a "Use Internet Config" checkbox in its Internet Setup window.

TypeIt4Me 4.6.1
Download this file (210k)

TypeIt4Me is a nifty control panel extension that essentially adds a glossary function to any and every program. You can even use it in dialog boxes! Just type in a shortcut code up to 25 letters long and TypeIt4Me expands it to a full word, phrase, or entire boilerplate paragraphs. It can also insert the current date and time.

Digester 1.2.8
Download this file (37k)

Digester reads files in the Filing Cabinet and creates a single text file for each folder automatically. It formats the resultant text in such a way that the program EasyView will read it. Written by Aron Nelson.

MagicBullets 1.1

Download this file (16k)

MagicBullets is a small simple init that can wrap and unwrap lines of text and optionally quote the text. This can be useful when you receive a message from a mailer that sent lines longer than 80 characters.

FreePPP 2.5v2

Download this file (605k)

Install FreePPP 2.5v2 is the installer for the latest and greatest version of FreePPP. This is the latest version of FreePPP 2.5. You can get more information about FreePPP from the RockStar PPP web page .

Script to Connect via MacPPP 1.1.2
Download this file (23k)

These AppleScripts, for use from schedules, are minor variations on the script above. The primary difference is that they "activate" the script before MacPPP opens. This can make the closing more reliable. Modified by Lon Poole.

MacPPP Control 1.5b2
Download this file (27k)

This version of MacPPP Control adds compatibility with FreePPP 2.5 and MacPPP 2.5.

Older Stuff

AppleLink to Emailer Converter
Download this file (72k)

These are AppleScripts which convert saved AppleLink messages to saved Emailer messages. One script converts one or more messages and the other script monitors a folder for new messages. Written by Will Mayall.

Emailer Frontier Package
Download this file (55k)

Frontier scripts and tools for use with Emailer. Written by Eric C. Thauvin.

Emailer to FileMaker Pro
Download this file (6k)

Script and datafile for use with FileMaker Pro. Written by Eric Scheid.

Example AppleScripts
Download this file (89k)

Example AppleScripts for use with 1.0v2 or later. Includes the Bulk Mailer AppleScripts for doing bulk mailings with Emailer.

FM Mailer 1.0v3
Download this file (83k)

This is a very cool FileMaker database that emulates the Emailer interface and communicates with Emailer via AppleEvents. Written by Bob Cusick.

LakeSoft Emailer Suite 1.0
Download this file (67k)

The LakeSoft Emailer Suite is a collection of buttons & scripts for use with WestCode Software's OneClick . It enhances Emailer v1.0 and later. You need to have OneClick and Emailer installed to use the LakeSoft Emailer Suite. From LakeSoft and Mark Brooks.

MacPPP Control 1.4
Download this file (11k)

MacPPP Control is a freeware AppleScript addition which allows control over MacPPP via AppleScripts. Used in conjunction with the Internet Using MacPPP AppleScript that ships with Emailer 1.0v2 and later, you can set up a schedule that opens MacPPP, gathers your email, and then closes MacPPP.

Mark's One Clickers Vol. 1
Download this file (43k)

Some useful buttons for the One Click tool. Includes a button that gives you access to multiple signatures. Written by Mark Brooks.

Script to Connect via InterSLIP 1.0
Download this file (12k)

Controls InterSLIP (319k) for scheduled AppleScript connections. Written by Dan Crevier. The AppleScript requires InterSLIP AE (9k).

Script to Connect via InterSLIP 1.1
Download this file (22k)

New and improved. Controls InterSLIP (319k) for scheduled AppleScript connections. Written by Dan Crevier. The AppleScript requires InterSLIP Remote (132k).

Script to Connect via MacPPP 1.1.2
Download this file (22k)

These AppleScripts, for use from schedules, are minor variations on the script that ships with Emailer 1.0v2. They now try to connect via MacPPP for up to two minutes. Also included is a script which only connects if MacPPP is already connected. Note that these scripts have not been tested but are very simple.

Script to Use Emailer for Netscape Email
Download this file (15k)

This AppleScript sets the Netscape 2.0 preference to use Emailer for email. Now includes a small program by Dan Crevier that will bring Emailer to the foreground.

TextArchiver 1.5b3
Download this file (28k)

TextArchiver concatenates messages that have been saved in the Filing Cabinet. The resulting file is a single text file that can be searched with most text editors or word processors.