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Download LetterRip Pro 3.0.7

Fog City Software is pleased to announce the availability of LetterRip Pro 3.0.7.

Download LetterRip Pro and try it. It runs for 30 days without a registration number. When you buy LetterRip Pro, you receive a registration number that unlocks the program.

This update is free to all owners of LetterRip Pro v3. You can use your existing registration number.

To update from a previous version of LetterRip Pro v3, you can use the above installer. You can also download the server or administrator separately. Only the server has changed since 3.0.5.

Other things you can do:

You can copy and distribute the full installer. The installer can be uploaded for distribution on other sites. The installer can be included on commercial CD-ROMs. Please do not distribute the individual installed files.

We encourage you to join the LetterRip-Talk mailing list. Employees of Fog City Software participate on the mailing list.

The last version of LetterRip was 2.1.2. LetterRip v2 is no longer available for purchase.