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Upgrade to LetterRip Pro

Upgrading to LetterRip Pro is easy. Just follow these steps:


Get a new registration number (secure server).
(Or unsecure server).

You enter your existing registration number and the order system gives you the upgrade cost and lets you order the upgrade. A new registration number is sent by email.

The upgrade is FREE if:

  • you have an active update agreement or
  • you purchased LetterRip in 1998

Otherwise, the upgrade is $145 .

2. Download the full LetterRip Pro installer.

Use the installer to install LetterRip Pro.

The installer locates the existing copy of LetterRip and updates all the files.

LetterRip Pro is completely compatible with existing LetterRip files.

Upgrade using the secure server .

Upgrade using the unsecure server .

If you must use a check or purchase order (PO), use the upgrade system, print the form, and fax or mail the printed form with the PO or check.

Get more information about LetterRip Pro.