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Email Solutions

LetterRip Logo

LetterRip Pro is now owned by LetterRip Software, LLC. Please visit their site for sales, support, and more information.

"There are very few pieces of software that I would, without hesitation, recommend. The principals at LetterRip Software seem to have their hands in most of them. To have LetterRip Software now in control of the future of LetterRip, the best mailing list management software I've ever used, is not just a good thing, it's an insanely great thing. LetterRip is one of those great, hidden gems that adds another tick mark to the list of why Macintosh is such an attractive platform, because it effectively places your Macintosh-based mailings heads and shoulders above the arcane, expensive and hard to configure 'big-iron' solutions like Lyris, Listserv and Majordomo. Based on the great work of Will and the Fog City crew, and the track record of Jud Spencer, I urge you to try to get on the beta testing list, because the new LetterRip will be a best seller even before it's released. I use it, and I cannot recommend it highly enough."

David Lawrence, Online Tonight and the Net Music Countdown, on CNET Radio


Emailer was created by Fog City Software. Apple owns Emailer. We provide files and information which help you use Emailer. We do not provide support for Emailer. We do not know where you can buy or upgrade Emailer.

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